Vegetable Gardening For You

Free Pest Garden

When a person is trying to grow fruits and vegetables in a garden pests can be a big problem. Pesticides can be toxic and many people do not want to use these chemicals or they don’t want to call termite control phoenix companies. There are some ways to keep the garden free of pests without the use of pesticides.

eggshellMany people would say that slugs and snails are some of the most annoying garden pests. They leave a trail of slime behind them as they move around. These pets love plants such as lettuce and eat the leaves. To control these pests crush up some egg shells and put them around the base of the plants. The shell will pinch the pests. It will not kill them but will be so unpleasant they will leave the plant alone.

Beers is another way to get rid of pests. Slugs and other creature will be attracted to the smell of the beer. Put a little beer in a soda cap near the base of the plant. This will attract the creatures. They will feed on the beer and leave the plants alone.

Dig Deep
While rabbits are cute they are no so cute when a person is trying to grow fruits and vegetables outside. Rabbits can also dig up to two feet into the ground and go under any fence. To keep rabbits out of the garden try using chicken wire. When installing this type of fence dig deep enough so that the rabbits cannot borrow under it. Rabbits also hate the smell of garlic. A person can plant some garlic in their garden. There are also several pesticides that are non toxic that are designed to smell like garlic.

Eucalyptus Repellants
Eucalyptus RepellantsPests such as mosquitoes are very annoying. Not only can they mess up a garden they can bug the people that live in the house. Eucalyptus based repellants are non toxic and they will keep the mosquitoes away. These sprays are highly effective. They contain eucalyptus oil and are non toxic to humans or to animals. A person can also try to add some lemongrass since these pests hate this smell as well.

These are just some of the natural ways that a person can repel bugs without adding toxins to the group. These natural methods will help a person can a full and healthy garden. A person can enjoy their hard work and not let it go to the pests.